Color Run

I shot the Color Run in Des Moines, IA this weekend, a large charity event held in many cities around the country.  The Des Moines' event raised money for "Variety", a children's charity.  (Hmmm, pretty vague description.)   Cold and dreary day, but it didn't stop the runners from having fun. All runners started the … Continue reading Color Run

Aronia Berry Festival

Last weekend, I attended the Aronia Berry Festival in the Loess Hills north of Missouri Valley, Iowa.  In case you haven't heard, the aronia berry is the latest fad in health foods, high in vitamin C and antioxidants.  Many Iowa farmers are putting acres into aronia berry bushes and trying to promote the berry as … Continue reading Aronia Berry Festival

Double Vision

Last week, I was giving my three year old grandson a horse back ride when a strange thing happened.  The "horse" got spooked, threw its rider, and conked his head on the furniture. I don't think I lost consciousness, but when I opened my eyes I was seeing double. Whooaa, Nellie! Thought for the Day: … Continue reading Double Vision

Giant Pinwheels

This is what I imagine whenever I see one of these majestic windmills out in the middle of a farmer's field, a giant pinwheel.  Look closely and you might see the wind hiding in a big puffy cloud.  I never get bored seeing these colossal wind machines spread across the Iowa farmland, but I know … Continue reading Giant Pinwheels

First Mowing

Ahhh, Spring.  What a wonderful time of year.  You can tell when Spring officially arrives: warm southerly winds, new life, birds chirping, new buds on the trees, garden preparation, and allergies.  People are energized, doing anything and everything they can think of to get outdoors.  Everything about Spring is great ... except for lawn care. … Continue reading First Mowing

Follow the Leader

This is a composite of four different photos: 1) the sky is from Tucson, 2) the mountain on the right is from Sedona, AZ, 3) the kids walking on the fallen logs are from a sculpture in Sedona, and 4) the dead tree is from Ankeny, IA.  I like the concept of this photo, but … Continue reading Follow the Leader

Blast Off!

There was a lot of things to see and do at the Science Center last week end.  This water rocket made from a 2-liter plastic bottle was a big hit with the kids on the sidewalk. My shutter speed was 1/2500 and I was shooting at the maximum frame rate of 8.5 frames per second. … Continue reading Blast Off!

Old and New

This scene really got my attention.  First of all, just the barn itself on a stone foundation, still standing tall.   A new paint job will do wonders, but the old gal is so sturdy-looking, the windows are still square, no sagging or leaning of the main frame.   The windows look like they have cardboard covering them from … Continue reading Old and New


This is a follow-up to the prior post called "White Elephant".  I found a dealer at the flea market that was selling wooden boxes, that's it, just wooden boxes.  Wooden boxes are a thing of the past, long since replaced by cardboard packaging, but wooden boxes are really neat.  They make good toy boxes, end … Continue reading Boxes

White Elephants

White elephant sales, garage sales, flea markets,  yard sales, bazaars, swap meets or whatever you want to call them, are a collection of people trying to unload their junk.  People come from all over to set up their booth, table or stall and sell things that you have thrown away.  Some are amateurs, just trying to clean out their basement … Continue reading White Elephants

Billy Bob

Deep in the Loess Hills of Iowa, I ran across an old Danish Lutheran church and cemetery, built in 1894.  Its a very idyllic setting, see photo below. As you might imagine, all of the names on the tombstones end in "s-e-n":  Madsen, Johnsen, Sorensen, Mikkelsen, Swansen, Petersen, etc.  This particular tombstone tickled my funny bone.  Jorgen … Continue reading Billy Bob

Put Out to Pasture

I found this old gal parked in the corner of a pasture where two gravel roads intersect somewhere in Northwest Iowa.  She had been retired or "put out to pasture" for quite some time.  Like an old plow horse that faithfully responds to her owner's daily commands, the plow eventually becomes too heavy for the horse's aching muscles and tired … Continue reading Put Out to Pasture

Eggs for Sale

This photo was taken at a friend's family farm in Northwest Iowa, but it reminds me so much of one of the many sheds my grandfather had on his farm.  My memories of Grandpa's tool shed are reignited by items in this photo. My grandparents never used an "Eggs for Sale" sign on their farm, but I remember seeing these signs along the … Continue reading Eggs for Sale

Be Prepared!

Today reminds me of this abandoned car/truck left sitting in the corner of some field in the Loess Hills of western Iowa.  It looks like an old Chevy.  The back end was "customized" by removing the back seat and attaching a pick-up truck's bed, half inside the back of the car and half outside, and no sides … Continue reading Be Prepared!