Husker Fan

Only two more days until the Nebraska Cornhuskers open their 2019 football season against Southern Alabama. The entire Husker nation, which is world-wide, is excited for this season to get underway, hoping to make last year's 4-8 record a distant memory. Husker t-shirts are even being sold by street vendors in Jerusalem. Is this escapism … Continue reading Husker Fan

Saint Peter in Gallicantu

  Just outside the walls of Old Jerusalem is the site believed to be where Peter denied Jesus three times.  The Latin word, "Gallicantu" means "cock's crow".  The site is also believed to be the palace of the high priest, Calaphas. The church ceiling on this site is remarkable. Below the church are crypts and grottos … Continue reading Saint Peter in Gallicantu

Wailing Wall Collage

The Wailing Wall is the most holy site of the Jewish faith.  Formally named the Western Wall, it is what remains of the western wall of the Second Temple, the same temple where Jesus scorned the tax collectors and money lenders.  The entire Temple area was leveled by the Romans in 69 AD to quell the … Continue reading Wailing Wall Collage

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is the place that enshrines the location of Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection.  The interesting thing about the Church is that it is maintained and controlled by six Christian denominations, the three predominant ones being the Roman Catholics (called "Latins" in the Holy … Continue reading Church of the Holy Sepulcher

City on a Hill

After a long, steep and sometimes winding road, the tour bus finally crested the hill where Jerusalem could be seen spread out before us on a hillside across a deep valley.  Located in the Judean "mountains", Jerusalem has been called the "city on a hill". The city of Jerusalem is over 5,000 years old and to say the … Continue reading City on a Hill