Creepy Memories

Japanese Gardens Do you remember what movie scenes or make-believe stories scared the hell out of you as a kid, but now, as an adult you think of them as nothing but "kids' stories"?   For me, it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Seems kind of silly now, but the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" … Continue reading Creepy Memories

Guiding Light

This photo was taken in a seaside forest along the northern coast of Oregon, just south of Astoria.  We had never been on this path before, not sure what we'd find around the bend among 100' tall Sitka Pines, but sure we would find Fort Clatsop before we came to the ocean.  Fort Clatsop is where … Continue reading Guiding Light

Old Farm, New Windmill

This scene made me think of my grandparent's farm in western Nebraska.  Windmills were a common sight back then, but they were the type seen below: a lattice structure about twenty feet tall, and a tail or weather vane to catch the wind and rotate the large wheel so the wheel's blades would catch the wind … Continue reading Old Farm, New Windmill

Japanese Gardens

Another highlight of my Oregon trip was the Japanese Gardens in Portland.  This place is a photographer's paradise.   I've never seen so many tripod-mounted cameras in one place; for a minute I thought I was witnessing the summer solstice at Stonehenge.  The abundance of foliage combined with Portland's typically overcast day makes for many low-lighted scenes, and a … Continue reading Japanese Gardens

Columbia River Gorge

East of Portland, I-84 follows the Columbia River and provides a beautiful view of the famous Multnomah Falls (another Oregon icon).   This photograph was taken relatively close to the falls, and without the "little people" standing on the bridge you wouldn't have much perspective of its size.  The walk up to the bridge is not long … Continue reading Columbia River Gorge

Black Hills, South Dakota

Altogether, I was in the Black Hils area for a week, five days with the fam and two days visiting our friends, Chuck and Karen, who now live in South Dakota.  Chuck and Karen took us along the Needles Highway through Black Hills State Park. It was such a pretty stop, we had our picture … Continue reading Black Hills, South Dakota

Czech Republic

Czesky Krumlov is a charming little town about 100 miles south of Prague near the Austrian border.  During mideivel times, it was the center of commerce in eastern Europe, but now its major attraction is the Krumlov Castle, the world's second largest, built in the 1300's.  Built so well that visitors can still climb to … Continue reading Czech Republic

Death Valley National Park

My wife was reading an article about Death Valley in the Travel section of the local newspaper.   She said, "Let's go see Death Valley!"     I was not interested.   "Why?", I asked, "There's nothing there but heat and desolation".   This is how I pictured Death Valley, but without the snow capped Panamint Mountains in the … Continue reading Death Valley National Park