'Tis the season for everyone to hang their Advent calendar with little pockets for each day, and treats or ornaments from each pocket to mark each day. Here is a high-tech version of the Advent calendar. Created by a couple Lego-Masters, ages 6 and 9, each day has a workable door with a treat inside.  … Continue reading Advent

Lego Museum

Without knowing any better, I would guess I was in a Lego museum.  A shelf spanning two walls is covered, literally blanketed, with Lego creations of all shapes and sizes.  You name it and you can you can make it with Legos. This is just the "active" collection; i.e. the ones that are currently being played with. Out … Continue reading Lego Museum

Lego Land

Is this Lego Land? No, but it's hard to imagine more Lego pieces in any one place.  Legos are an important part of this family's play time, developing creative and problem solving skills, while improving fine-motor control.  Even the dog loves the time together. A recent trip to Lego Land in Kansas City must have been like visiting a … Continue reading Lego Land