Calling Home

If you wanted a ride home when I was a kid, there was a predetermined time and place to meet.  If I wasn't at the appointed place when my Mom got there, I was in Big trouble. Today, kids just call on their cell phone and play video games while they wait. Thought for the Day: … Continue reading Calling Home

“Slippery When Wet!”

When I heard my one-year old granddaughter was taking swimming lessons, I was a little skeptical.  Lots of negative thoughts flashed through my mind. First, you know, the baby's diaper, is it waterproof and sealed really tight?  Today's plastic throw-away diapers are very lightweight and efficient absorbers (except for blowouts), so I guess its okay. … Continue reading “Slippery When Wet!”

Helping Mom

Helping my Mom make Christmas cookies is a fond memory for me.  I got to do things in the kitchen during Christmas that I never thought of doing the rest of the year.   Licking the cookie dough off the mixing beaters was a real treat, even if my tongue wouldn't reach all the way … Continue reading Helping Mom


Moms are special.  Not because they are fantastic cooks, not because they bake your favorite pie on your birthday, not because they know how to darn socks, not because they have ESP, and not because they were the ace pitcher on the town fast-pitch softball team.  Moms are special because of their unconditional love; they … Continue reading Mom

Birthday Cake

Did someone say cake?  Even if its not your birthday, even if its your Mom's birthday, you still get cake. Thought for the Day:  Let them eat cake!                                                       … Continue reading Birthday Cake