New Year’s Toast

The New Year is always welcomed with a toast. If your holiday spending put a big dent in your budget, you might try cutting back on your New Year's spending. The traditional New Years toast MUST include champagne, but people generally don't pay too much attention to the snacks. Try Cheetos and give your budget … Continue reading New Year’s Toast

New Year’s Prep

Well, you made it through the Christmas rush, all the gatherings, the Christmas cards, the family traditions, decorations, hours of baking, gift exchanges, the feast AND the celebration of the Christ child's birth. Now, it's time to relax. Oh, wait! It's your turn to host the New Year's Eve party. And, another resolution ... Uggh. … Continue reading New Year’s Prep

New Year’s Prank

Gazing out my back window, a bright flash caught the corner of my eye. At first, I didn't see anything, but then it flashed again ... and again. Something shiny on top of our wren house was reflecting the sun; the wind was redirecting the "flash". I walked out to the wren house and found … Continue reading New Year’s Prank