Omaha Skyline

Looking East from Joslyn Museum A recent visit to Omaha's Joslyn Museum was delightful ... as is always the case. But, upon exiting the museum, I was blessed with this gorgeous early spring setting of Omaha's skyline. The sidewalk leads to Central High School, which was the original Nebraska State Capitol. There is a lot … Continue reading Omaha Skyline

Prim & Proper

The tour guide looked the part of a wealthy lady in the 1850's as she led us through the Belle Meade mansion (click here) near Nashville, TN.  The authenticity of her "costume" was outdone only  by her seemingly first hand knowledge of the original owners. Her speech was flawless, not the least bit lazy.  She … Continue reading Prim & Proper

Elkhorn House

New subdivisions, developed on rich fertile crop land that was once "out in the country", look like miniature plastic houses placed on a cardboard game board -- like our house, custom built on an empty lot three miles south of Elkhorn in 1976.  Even four years later, in this picture, the place looks rather stark. … Continue reading Elkhorn House

Omaha House

This is a current picture of the house we lived in during 1971.  We were living in St. Louis when I got drafted in late 1970, so we moved back to Omaha to be closer to family.  My wife and 3-month old son lived with her mother for a brief time, then rented the ground … Continue reading Omaha House