It was raining in Portland, Oregon.  Nothing new there, but I was inside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry ("OMSI") staring at this giant ship propeller (above) on the patio outside.  Rain was streaking down the windows and lights of the room reflected in the glass.  I couldn't have asked for worse conditions. I … Continue reading Propeller

Columbia River Gorge

This is my second serious attempt at HDR.  See definition of HDR and my first attempt here. I like this one a lot better.  While it looks a bit over saturated, that's exactly the feel I had when I was in the bottom of this gorge ... saturated.  I also like the way the HDR … Continue reading Columbia River Gorge

Guiding Light

This photo was taken in a seaside forest along the northern coast of Oregon, just south of Astoria.  We had never been on this path before, not sure what we'd find around the bend among 100' tall Sitka Pines, but sure we would find Fort Clatsop before we came to the ocean.  Fort Clatsop is where … Continue reading Guiding Light

Japanese Gardens

Another highlight of my Oregon trip was the Japanese Gardens in Portland.  This place is a photographer's paradise.   I've never seen so many tripod-mounted cameras in one place; for a minute I thought I was witnessing the summer solstice at Stonehenge.  The abundance of foliage combined with Portland's typically overcast day makes for many low-lighted scenes, and a … Continue reading Japanese Gardens

Columbia River Gorge

East of Portland, I-84 follows the Columbia River and provides a beautiful view of the famous Multnomah Falls (another Oregon icon).   This photograph was taken relatively close to the falls, and without the "little people" standing on the bridge you wouldn't have much perspective of its size.  The walk up to the bridge is not long … Continue reading Columbia River Gorge

Oregon’s Coast

Contrary to popular belief, the sun does shine in Oregon, although I was beginning to wonder the day before this picture was taken.  In the previous blog, "Rain, Rain, Go Away", we were traveling north on Highway 101 from Newport to Astoria, but we only made it to Seaside.  It was clear as a bell … Continue reading Oregon’s Coast

Rain, Rain, Go Away

In an earlier post, titled "Newport, Oregon", I showed some pictures from Newport,  a commercial fishing village along the coast. (Well, duh!  Inland fishing villages are hard to find).  We stayed in Newport over night.  The next morning we began our long-awaited drive up the famous Pacific coast highway 101.  Highway 101 is highly regarded as … Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away