Go Army!

While watching the annual Army - Navy football game last Saturday, the Greatest All Time Rivalry, I began to wonder what makes this game so special.  Is it the tradition, the pageantry, the sea of cadets and midshipmen in the stands, the sky darkened when the victors throw their hats?  What is it? My Dad, … Continue reading Go Army!

National Pride

Do you remember the first time you looked at our nation's flag and felt pride; you know, got goose bumps, lost yourself in the moment, sort of like a hallelujah moment?  Maybe I should ask, "Have you ever felt that way about the American flag?"   I'm sure you would remember it if you did. … Continue reading National Pride

Rank Has Its Privileges

RHIP, rank has its privileges; an old adage that is evident even in the Continental Army of the Revolutionary War over 200 years ago.   When I think of Valley Forge, I think of soldiers suffering through frigid winter conditions with no shoes, the lucky ones had newspaper wrapped around their feet.  Rations were thin … Continue reading Rank Has Its Privileges


It was a picture perfect day today: mild temperatures, low humidity, and crystal-clear brilliant blue sky.  Eerily, it was just how I remembered the weather on this day ten years ago -- September 11, 2001. Before 8:00 AM, I was at a city park where I noticed the lone flag pole.  Old Glory was hanging at half-mast, honoring … Continue reading Half-Mast

Tattooed Body Builder

I love the Fourth of July, its, by far, my favorite holiday.  One of the things I like best about the Fourth is the freedom of expression; i.e. the way everyone in this country is free to express their love of the Red, White and Blue, and the various forms that expression takes. Take this … Continue reading Tattooed Body Builder