Iowa State Fair

18 I went to the Iowa State Fair, mainly to see the 81st Photographic Salon. Four entries per person are allowed, but only one in each of several categories. There were 2,086 entries this year -- less than the normal 3,500 or more. This is my 8th year of participation. Three of my four entries … Continue reading Iowa State Fair


Shadows Shadows was the theme for the Iowa State Fair's 2020 Photography Salon, which was also cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus has impacted the entire world; it has reached every nook and cranny of each person's "normal routine". Nothing is as it should be. Not that I would have entered this photo … Continue reading Shadows

Blue Ribbon

The Iowa State Fair is a really big deal, and their Photography Salon (contest) has grown to be quite competitive in its 77-year history.  This year's contest attracted 1,143 photographers from 23 states, with 3,642 entries. On average, only 24% of the entered photos were selected for display during the Salon. I had 3 of my … Continue reading Blue Ribbon

Thanksgiving, 2015

I took this picture on Thanksgiving at the farm in Niobrara, 1972, where Verna's cousin and all her aunts and uncles were gathered.  Not lot of happy folks here, only two people smiling.  Looks like only one pumpkin pie to go around. The great thing about the Thanksgiving holiday is it makes me think about what I'm … Continue reading Thanksgiving, 2015

Fuddy Duddies

My camera club has a monthly photo contest and one of the categories is "Creative", where no limits are imposed on digital manipulation.  As the club rules state, "...for those who dare to explore the experimental and creative forms of photographic expression ... anything goes ...creative art ... no rules to follow." I submitted the … Continue reading Fuddy Duddies

Inside Out

I used to think this was a nice photo.  Yeah, it's okay, but certainly not the best.   When I took the photo, I was interested in showing detail of the Vermont covered bridge. I wanted sort of a muted or blurred background to make the subject more prominent.  My interest was the diamond pattern … Continue reading Inside Out