Wild Pitch

Eye on the BallThis post will open the flood gates of sports action photos; after weeks of rain outs, cold weather and postponements, the little league baseball season officially got underway this past weekend.   I attended two ball games and took over 400 photos at each game, so my "pantry" of photos is quickly being restocked. This … Continue reading Wild Pitch

Creepy Memories

Japanese Gardens Do you remember what movie scenes or make-believe stories scared the hell out of you as a kid, but now, as an adult you think of them as nothing but "kids' stories"?   For me, it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Seems kind of silly now, but the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" … Continue reading Creepy Memories

Gone But Not Forgotten

Death Valley, California Rhyolite, California is a ghost town in the northeast part of Death Valley National Park.  There are several ghost towns within the vast boundaries of the park, but Rhyolite is noted for its still-standing structures, one of which still has  part of the second story intact.  The famous "bottle house" is located … Continue reading Gone But Not Forgotten

Maundy Thursday

 When I was a little kid, the Easter season raised a lot of questions for me.   Christmas is easy for a kid to understand.  Everything about the Christmas season is joyous: the music, the food, the presents.  Chirstmas is celebrating the birth of a newborn baby, for cryin' out loud (oops, no pun intended there); … Continue reading Maundy Thursday

Put Out to Pasture

I found this old gal parked in the corner of a pasture where two gravel roads intersect somewhere in Northwest Iowa.  She had been retired or "put out to pasture" for quite some time.  Like an old plow horse that faithfully responds to her owner's daily commands, the plow eventually becomes too heavy for the horse's aching muscles and tired … Continue reading Put Out to Pasture

Eggs for Sale

This photo was taken at a friend's family farm in Northwest Iowa, but it reminds me so much of one of the many sheds my grandfather had on his farm.  My memories of Grandpa's tool shed are reignited by items in this photo. My grandparents never used an "Eggs for Sale" sign on their farm, but I remember seeing these signs along the … Continue reading Eggs for Sale

Mop Head

 March is almost over, and I just realized that, for the most part, we have been spared the relentless, strong and blustery winds we usually get in March.  I'm sure they will get here eventually. This photo was taken during a soccer game last spring when the winds were howling.  This little girl finally gave up trying to … Continue reading Mop Head

… – – – … SOS … – – – …

 This photo of my father was taken in 1967, one of the earliest photos of my "career", and one of many old slides I've been finding in my archeological dig known as "the closet".  I mention "slide" because slide film was for serious photographs, not "snapshots" that were taken with film, printed and possibly saved in a scrapbook, but most likely lost or … Continue reading … – – – … SOS … – – – …

Pinewood Derby

This weekend I had the privilege of shooting the Cub Scout's annual Pinewood Derby.  The very first Pinewood Derby was started in 1953 by Cubmaster Don Murphy of California.  His son was too young to qualify for the popular Soap Box Derby, where the boys actually sat in their home-built racer, so he came up with the … Continue reading Pinewood Derby

Student of the Game

The warm spring weather we've had the last couple of days really has my "trigger finger" itching to shoot some sports action photos.  I know the teams have been practicing, trying to knock off the rough edges and get in shape.  So have I, checking and organizing my equipment, as well has practicing action shots of … Continue reading Student of the Game

100 Faces

 Poker face?   Hardly.    This pitcher was very animated, wearing her emotions on her sleeve as they say.   With every pitch came a new facial expression; everything from triumph (Yes!  That was a great pitch!) to resignation (That was the worst pitch ever.) and everything in between.  In this photo, she seems to be pleading with … Continue reading 100 Faces

Bubble Gummer

I don't know about you but I'm anxious to get outside and take some pictures.  I feel like a hibernating bear, living off the fat (pictures) I built up before winter arrived.  Until the young gladiators take the field of battle, I'll probably be posting photos from last season. This particular photo is a second … Continue reading Bubble Gummer

Future Paparazzi

I was at Mount Rushmore last summer when I noticed this young photographer snapping pictures.  I asked him what he was shooting.  (That's photographer jargon for either what equipment are you using or what is your subject.)   "The Men!", he exclaimed, pointing to the four faces carved in the mountain.   He looked to be less than 3 … Continue reading Future Paparazzi


Sometimes it takes awhile to notice something or get to like something, like acquiring a taste for a certain food or drink.  For example, they say scotch is an acquired taste.  Acquired taste?  What does that mean?!   How do you acquire a taste for something that triggers the gag reflex everytime it touches your mouth?  Do … Continue reading Rathaus

High Wire Act

Geez, we're barely passed Ground Hog's Day and I'm itching to get outside.   I've forgotten what green looks like, everything is white or some shade of dirty snow.  Its been cold for so long, even the icicles are drooping with boredom. Thought for the day:  There's one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn … Continue reading High Wire Act

Old Farm, New Windmill

This scene made me think of my grandparent's farm in western Nebraska.  Windmills were a common sight back then, but they were the type seen below: a lattice structure about twenty feet tall, and a tail or weather vane to catch the wind and rotate the large wheel so the wheel's blades would catch the wind … Continue reading Old Farm, New Windmill

Moral Support

Moral Support Photojournalism is supposed to tell a story, which I attempted to do here when I entered this photo into the photojournalism category of my camera club's monthly photo contest.   I was excited about the possibilities of this photo, thinking it captured a touching moment between a father and son--a role reversal where the … Continue reading Moral Support

Be Prepared!

Today reminds me of this abandoned car/truck left sitting in the corner of some field in the Loess Hills of western Iowa.  It looks like an old Chevy.  The back end was "customized" by removing the back seat and attaching a pick-up truck's bed, half inside the back of the car and half outside, and no sides … Continue reading Be Prepared!