Columbia River Gorge

This is my second serious attempt at HDR.  See definition of HDR and my first attempt here. I like this one a lot better.  While it looks a bit over saturated, that's exactly the feel I had when I was in the bottom of this gorge ... saturated.  I also like the way the HDR … Continue reading Columbia River Gorge

Granville, NY

This is my first serious attempt at High Dynamic Range ("HDR") photography, where three or more shots of the same scene/image are taken at various exposures to collect detail in shadows, highlights and everything in between.  Its a method used to capture a scene on paper that looks the way you saw it in person. … Continue reading Granville, NY


This is a follow-up to the prior post called "White Elephant".  I found a dealer at the flea market that was selling wooden boxes, that's it, just wooden boxes.  Wooden boxes are a thing of the past, long since replaced by cardboard packaging, but wooden boxes are really neat.  They make good toy boxes, end … Continue reading Boxes

Back to the Future

  I love to look at old photos, especially those taken close to a hundred years ago.  The young lad in this photo was born in 2009, so it hardly counts as an "old photo", but the clothes reminded me of photos I've seen of European immigrants fresh off the boat, so I had to … Continue reading Back to the Future


Vignetting is a photo-editing technique used to help draw the viewer's eye to the intended subject.  I apply it on certain photos that have above average appeal to me, but have distracting backgrounds; the ugly chain link fence that is always present at little league ball games is a perfect example.  This photo would be … Continue reading Vignettes

Creepy Memories

Japanese Gardens Do you remember what movie scenes or make-believe stories scared the hell out of you as a kid, but now, as an adult you think of them as nothing but "kids' stories"?   For me, it was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Seems kind of silly now, but the "Mirror, mirror on the wall" … Continue reading Creepy Memories

Put Out to Pasture

I found this old gal parked in the corner of a pasture where two gravel roads intersect somewhere in Northwest Iowa.  She had been retired or "put out to pasture" for quite some time.  Like an old plow horse that faithfully responds to her owner's daily commands, the plow eventually becomes too heavy for the horse's aching muscles and tired … Continue reading Put Out to Pasture

Glamour Goat

 I've been wanting to try some portrait photography, not studio portraits, but less formal ones; the style I'm talking about is often referred to as urban portraits, or casual portraits, or environmental portraits if it includes something about the subject.  Until recently, I hadn't found any willing volunteers. I found this willing volunteer by sheer … Continue reading Glamour Goat

Mop Head

 March is almost over, and I just realized that, for the most part, we have been spared the relentless, strong and blustery winds we usually get in March.  I'm sure they will get here eventually. This photo was taken during a soccer game last spring when the winds were howling.  This little girl finally gave up trying to … Continue reading Mop Head

Dog Lover’s Valentine

  In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have designed this card using the sayings that are found on the little candy hearts.  As Cliff Claven would say in his Boston accent to anyone who would listen to him at the "Cheers" bar, " Uh. Its a little known fact that the messages on the … Continue reading Dog Lover’s Valentine

Special Effects

My grandson came over the other day while I had my camera on a tripod, trying to take pictures of a forgettable table object.  He expressed some interest in how a camera worked.  To explain how the shutter worked, I let him look into the lens and snap pictures at various apertures so he could see … Continue reading Special Effects