Mud VB

Mud Volley Ball The Beat Breast Cancer Mud Volleyball Tournament is Pink Bandana’s signature event and major fund raiser for the organization. For the tenth straight year it was held in Prague, Nebraska. Over 100 teams participated. So much fun! Thought for the Day: It always seems impossible, until it's done.Nelson Mandela

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle, sitting atop a hill overlooking the Vtava River, is the largest ancient castle in the world.  Construction began in the 9th century.  Modified several times over the centuries, the current version was "completed" in the 13th century.  The Prague Castle is the seat of the current Czech Republic government. Other famous landmarks in … Continue reading Prague Castle

Prague – Old Town

The Old Town Square is full of street vendors and musicians, surrounded by shops, cafes and churches, and serves as the meeting place for natives and touists alike.  Its the perfect place to "people watch". This little girl was very comfortable riding her bike in the Old Town Square, moving in and around the pedestrians and … Continue reading Prague – Old Town

Czech Humor

I didn't find the Czech's to be particularly outgoing, they weren't unfriendly, but definitely more reserved than the Germans.  And the Irish, well they're in a league by themselves when it comes to "open and friendly".   But, the Czech's sense of humor was evident -- at least I found some humor in a few sights. … Continue reading Czech Humor

Prague (Praha)

Prague is a beautiful city, especially the Old Town, rich in history and culture.  Sometimes referred to as the "Paris of eastern Europe", meals, lodging and entertainment certainly reflect metropolitan areas of western Europe. This photo, taken at sunrise, does not do justice to the size of this castle; a wide-angle lens is needed to … Continue reading Prague (Praha)