Tharp’s Log

A nature-lover by heart, Hale Tharp homesteaded the area in 1869, built a summer cabin in the trunk of a fallen Sequoia tree and raised cattle in what is now Sequoia NP. Complete with a bed, table and bench, shelf, fireplace and window, it looked almost comfortable for the summer. It's an easy hike from … Continue reading Tharp’s Log

Moro Rock

A mere 400 steps to the top of Moro Rock provides a panoramic view of Sequoia National Park in northern California.  Its elevation is only 6,725' but it provides a clear view of the much taller peaks along the western divide. For the most part, the steps are guarded from the drop off by a … Continue reading Moro Rock

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is a must see ... and much easier to see because it is less crowded than Yosemite NP.  It's located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, just south of Yosemite NP, and is the second oldest park in the national park system. A low key, but extremely informative, exhibit is the Giant … Continue reading Sequoia National Park