Hot Potatoe Hats off to the inventor of Slo-Pitch softball. The game can be played by all skill levels at any age, a 7-inning game is completed in an hour, injuries are few and most leagues are just for fun. No uniforms required. Thought for the Day: Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other … Continue reading Slo-Pitch

Do’s and Dont’s

I shot a lot of softball games last summer, and regardless of the age group, the preferred hairdo was the ponytail.  Whether the player was tall, short, lanky or stout, it was ponytails on parade.  I have to say the various hair colors contrasting with the many-colored jerseys and helmets made for an interesting collage. … Continue reading Do’s and Dont’s

100 Faces

 Poker face?   Hardly.    This pitcher was very animated, wearing her emotions on her sleeve as they say.   With every pitch came a new facial expression; everything from triumph (Yes!  That was a great pitch!) to resignation (That was the worst pitch ever.) and everything in between.  In this photo, she seems to be pleading with … Continue reading 100 Faces

Bubble Gummer

I don't know about you but I'm anxious to get outside and take some pictures.  I feel like a hibernating bear, living off the fat (pictures) I built up before winter arrived.  Until the young gladiators take the field of battle, I'll probably be posting photos from last season. This particular photo is a second … Continue reading Bubble Gummer