Winter Blahs

I'm tired of winter, awfully tired of it, damn tired.  It's been a light winter for snowfall, only used the snow blower once so far, but the cold snaps have been long and numerous.  Not even a January "thaw" this year, the winter just keeps going on and on and on. I can't remember the … Continue reading Winter Blahs

Summer’s End

What does Labor Day mean to you? Labor Day, a US holiday, has several different meanings for me, one of which is childbirth. I say that only because my birthday falls on Labor Day every once in a while.  It also means summer is over, back to school, enjoy the hot days while you can, … Continue reading Summer’s End


Nothing beats a rope swing over water for good clean summer fun.  A little dab of danger always adds to the fun. The water is low this year, so the "swingers" have to hang on a wee bit longer and release at the highest point to make sure they reach the water.  Actually, they have … Continue reading Hangtime