Ngorongoro Crater

Mt. Ngorongoro was the size of Mt. Kilamanjaro until it blew its top three million years ago, covering the Serengeti Plain with volcanic ash.  The mountain collapsed into itself leaving the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world.  The crater rim is 7,500' above sea level and 12 miles in diameter; 2,000' below, the wooded slopes give … Continue reading Ngorongoro Crater

Santa Claus

Only eleven more days until Christmas, crunch time for preparations.  Long lists of things to do: finding a tree, hanging outdoor lights, shopping, Christmas decorations from the attic, new ornaments, discarding broken ornaments, poinsettias, gathering firewood, card-writing, eggnog, donations, setting mouse traps, travel arrangements, nativity scene, jumper cables, baking, special church services, traffic, parties, visitations, school holiday concerts, … Continue reading Santa Claus

Iowa State Fair

I submitted four photos to the Iowa State Fair and two were selected to be displayed at the Fair's 75th Annual Photographic Salon.   About 4,000 entries were made from over 1,000 photographers from 20 states, but only 22% were selected to be displayed at the salon.. This is the photo I submitted in the People category, … Continue reading Iowa State Fair