Santa Claus

Nothing adds more excitement to the Christmas season than visiting Santa Claus.  The event is no longer limited to young children, although young children is what makes it special. Thought for the Day:  Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ.   Bart Simpson in "The Simpsons"


Learning to walk must be exhilarating as well as terrifying.   After laying around for 12 months or so, you finally get to see the world in a "portrait" view rather than a "landscape" view.  The switch from portrait to landscape view happens in a hurry. Now that you're standing on your own two feet, the crumbs … Continue reading Wheee!

Butterfly Hunter

Everything is fun for the 18 month old ... except for going to bed and getting your pants changed.  That's about the only two things that get in the way of new adventures.  The simple pleasure of chasing a butterfly is the best thing ever ... until the next new adventure comes along. He is … Continue reading Butterfly Hunter


Start the summer off right -- in the sand box.  There's nothing more attractive to a toddler than the sandbox, and nothing more fascinating to them than the strange feel of sand in all of its various forms -- wet, dry, cold, hot, coarse and fine. Sand is crafty too, the way it lures the … Continue reading Sandbox

Baby, Dog and Ice Cream

A nine month old baby, a dog and an ice cream cone adds up to an adorable scene.  The toddler wants to share his ice cream cone with the dog, the four legged thing that has been with him since birth, his constant companion, and the one he relates to most except for his mother. … Continue reading Baby, Dog and Ice Cream