6 lb. catfish As instructed by his uncle, the 9 year old was out of bed at 0700 to check the trot lines they had set the night before. The tension on his line turned out to be a 5-6 lb. catfish. Getting the fish over the gunwales was a struggle, but what a thrill! … Continue reading Whopper!


Hay Rake With all the rain we've had the last two weeks, the grass is growing faster than I can mow it ... let alone rake it. Thought for the Day: They think they work too hard?Think of poor Ali Sard.He has to mow grass in his uncles's back yardAnd its quick growing grass And … Continue reading Hay

Favorite Memory

Brady, NE My favorite childhood memories include visiting my cousins that lived on Jeffrey Lake, 5 miles south of Brady, NE. Especially in the summer, when we could swim three times a day (60 minutes after each meal), play baseball and explore the County's junk yard. What made this all possible was my uncle, who … Continue reading Favorite Memory