On the banks of the Thames River sits the London Eye, a mere 200 meters downstream from the House of Parliament.  The giant wheel measures 400 feet in diameter. A complete rotation of the wheel takes 30 minutes, such a slow rate that each of the 32 capsules can load and unload 28 passengers while … Continue reading London


I met this dandy near The Circus in Bath, England.  See former blog on The Circus.  He claimed to be a scholar of 18th century history, which was during Bath's glory years.  We chatted for a while and he used his cane to point out various facts about the neighborhood. I suspect he was a … Continue reading Dandy

Best of UK – Part 2

One of the best parts of the UK is tipping is not expected in pubs and restaurants.  The "service" is either built into menu prices, wait staffs are better paid than in the US, or its a cultural thing.  Whatever the reason, it sure is refreshing.  Also, there is no sales tax added. While the … Continue reading Best of UK – Part 2