Talk about a commanding presence!  The symmetry of this giant oak tree caught my attention right away; the size of it took a while to notice.  From the parking lot, a half mile away, this tree drew my eye away from everything else on the landscape.  It was a good ten minute walk before I … Continue reading Symmetry

Dumb as a Post

Have you ever heard that expression, "Dumb as a post"?   I've heard it, but never really thought about it, knowing of course, that a fence post is an inanimate object and can't possibly have much sense. Look closely at this fence post.  Does it look very smart to you?  Would you say its intelligence … Continue reading Dumb as a Post

Wasatch Mountains

The Aspens are turning.  As many times as I've been to Colorado, I've never been there in the fall to catch the golden glow of the Aspens turning color.  Since this picture was taken near Park City, Utah, I can say I've still never seen the fall colors of Colorado. Wow, they make a stark … Continue reading Wasatch Mountains


Where's the snow?!   The lack of snow did not deter this dedicated young lad from his training on the ski jump in Park City, UT.  While visiting Olympic Park in late September, I was surprised to find the place a buzz of activity.  I assumed that after the Winter Olympics in 2002 this venue … Continue reading Wheeee!

Fall Colors

I just returned from four days in Park City, UT:  lots of mountain landscape photos with golden aspens sprinkled here and there amongst the pine trees.  Very pretty. But, my pictures aren't ready yet so you'll have to settle for this beautiful scene from Vermont, taken last fall near Manchester, VT.  Not only were the … Continue reading Fall Colors

Cattle Crossing?

In the Must-See-To-Believe department, I came across this cattle crossing sign in southern Utah, somewhere along UT-24 east of Capitol Reef National Park.  The road was on top of a narrow mesa, and the edge of the mesa kept getting closer to each side of the road as I continued east.  At some point, I … Continue reading Cattle Crossing?

Parade of Elephants

Less than two hours from Hanksville, UT is Arches National Park near Moab, UT.  A very interesting park, filled with natural arches and unusual rock formations, like the "Parade of Elephants" above.  I drove by this formation half a dozen times, even saw the sign for it, but never really "got it" until I was … Continue reading Parade of Elephants

Hanksville, Utah

This isn't Hanksville, UT; sorry for the bait-and-switch, but if I did show you a picture of Hanksville, UT you probably wouldn't continue reading my blog.  This is an Aspen forest at the top of a mountain pass, about 11,000', on UT-24 on my way to Hanksville, UT.  The map says UT-24 is a scenic … Continue reading Hanksville, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef is a little known National Park in southern Utah on Utah's scenic highway 12, just a pleasant drive northeast of Bryce Canyon.  The paved  scenic drive is only 8 miles long taking you through endless rock formations of red sandstone.  Even though the cliffs rise over 1,000' above the road, after the first … Continue reading Capitol Reef National Park

Sunrise Point

This is my favorite sunrise shot of my 11-day photo safari through Colorado, Arizona and Utah.  It will always remind me of the miserable night I spent in Bryce Canyon NP's campground: elevation over 8,000', temperature dropping into the low 30's, sleeping in my car, and waking up to frost on the windshield.  Even though … Continue reading Sunrise Point

Angel’s Landing

After seeing Hoover Dam and the new bypass bridge, I was back on the road by noon.  I skirted Las Vegas and headed northeast on I-15 to St. George, Utah.  Just north of St. George I left the interstate and headed east on UT-9; I arrived at Springdale, Utah at the mouth of Zion Canyon … Continue reading Angel’s Landing