New Flower

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant This strange plant showed up in my new wildflower garden. I contacted the source where I bought the "Pollinator Mix" to identify it, and was informed it is a Rocky Mountain Bee Plant. Hmmm, I thought the mix was native Nebraskan wildflowers. (Who cares!?) The wildflowers I planted this spring to … Continue reading New Flower


wildflowers A new septic tank and laterals tore up the front yard of the Lake house last fall. Using a pollinator mix of 44 varieties, I sowed a large part of the yard in wildflowers this spring. I'm pleased with the results. Thought for the Day: May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely … Continue reading Wildflowers

Hidden Gem

This field of wild flowers came out of nowhere.  This field has always been empty for the last 15 years I've been driving by it, not even any crops, just pasture land.  But, I was ambushed by this splash of color last week, and nearly drove off the road.  Wow!  Where did this come from? … Continue reading Hidden Gem