Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro I awoke shortly after daybreak. The coastline was visible from both sides of the ship. For the next 90 minutes we sailed between winding mountainous coastlines, also known as Europe's southern most fiords. Suddenly, we reached a deadend and arrived at Kotor, Montenegro. Nestled at the base of steep limestone cliffs, it was … Continue reading Kotor, Montenegro

Winter Storm

Nebraska Winter As predicted a powerful snowstorm hit Nebraska Saturday night; 8-10" of snow with winds gusting 40-50 mph. Thankfully, we have a calm sunny day to dig out. Uggh! Using the words of the Nebraska State Tourism Board's latest slogan: "Nebraska, it's not for everyone."

Giant Pinwheels

This is what I imagine whenever I see one of these majestic windmills out in the middle of a farmer's field, a giant pinwheel.  Look closely and you might see the wind hiding in a big puffy cloud.  I never get bored seeing these colossal wind machines spread across the Iowa farmland, but I know … Continue reading Giant Pinwheels