Ice Doily

Doilies are a thing of the past.  You know, those white, hand-made, crocheted or knitted pieces that were about the size of a woman's handkerchief, looked like a spider web and were under every lamp or vase in your grandmother's house.  Sometimes they were on the arms of sofas and chairs, or even on the … Continue reading Ice Doily

First Snow

The first snow of the year came yesterday.   Ugggh.  Geez, do we really need four seasons to make the calendar complete?  The first snow wasn't just a preview either, not a dusting, not a warning of things to come.   No, it was the whole enchilada, 4-6" of wet, heavy snow for the first … Continue reading First Snow

High Wire Act

Geez, we're barely passed Ground Hog's Day and I'm itching to get outside.   I've forgotten what green looks like, everything is white or some shade of dirty snow.  Its been cold for so long, even the icicles are drooping with boredom. Thought for the day:  There's one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn … Continue reading High Wire Act