Old & New

Klaipedia, Lithuania - 2017 Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1990. The modern high-rise office building in the background is an example of the modern-day Lithuania, but the stigma of Soviet oppression is still visible in the foreground. Thought for the Day: “Kas nedirba, tas nevalgo.” – English: “He that will not … Continue reading Old & New


Imagine: You're new in town. You're trying to decide what neighborhood would be the best location for work, leisure, life style and making new friends. You find an affordable apartment with all the amenities you desire. You sign a lease. On moving day you notice your neighbor's "welcome" mat. Thought for the Day: If you … Continue reading Welcome?

Grinding Wheel

Uggh, Monday morning, back to the salt mines.  Retirement hasn't erased the sluggish feeling I have on Monday mornings.  It takes a while to get back in the groove, before I feel sharp and productive again.  Sort of like that dull knife sitting on the work bench waiting to be used, but a few strokes on the … Continue reading Grinding Wheel

Monday Morning

Uggh, Monday morning.  This scene reminded me of how I felt driving to work on Monday mornings: dark, foggy, disoriented and unsure of what lay ahead for me.  Even though I'm a morning person and work most efficiently during the first half of the day, driving to work  at oh-dark-thirty found my mind's rolodex spinning … Continue reading Monday Morning