Hay Rake With all the rain we've had the last two weeks, the grass is growing faster than I can mow it ... let alone rake it. Thought for the Day: They think they work too hard?Think of poor Ali Sard.He has to mow grass in his uncles's back yardAnd its quick growing grass And … Continue reading Hay

Grinding Wheel

Uggh, Monday morning, back to the salt mines.  Retirement hasn't erased the sluggish feeling I have on Monday mornings.  It takes a while to get back in the groove, before I feel sharp and productive again.  Sort of like that dull knife sitting on the work bench waiting to be used, but a few strokes on the … Continue reading Grinding Wheel

Monday Morning

Uggh, Monday morning.  This scene reminded me of how I felt driving to work on Monday mornings: dark, foggy, disoriented and unsure of what lay ahead for me.  Even though I'm a morning person and work most efficiently during the first half of the day, driving to work  at oh-dark-thirty found my mind's rolodex spinning … Continue reading Monday Morning