Old Woolen Mill

Old Woolen Mill

I really like this shot of an old woolen mill in Seneca Falls, NY.  Seneca Falls is in the heart of the Finger Lakes wine region of upstate New York, a very pretty place in the fall.  I took this shot in the morning as we were leaving town, heading east to the Adirondacks.

There are many things I like about this scene: 1) reflections in the water; its a river, but I saw no sign of a water wheel,  2) the old bridge, linking current times of the right bank to centuries-old industry on the left bank,  3) the new dock in the foreground contrasts with the old scene on the left bank; I think the right bank, where I was standing, had undergone some urban renewal — lots of pubs, chic shops and restaurants, 4) the mill’s chimney;  looks like it is leaning, but the right side of it is plumb and the left side tapers, giving the appearance of it leaning, 5) and the fall colors.

What I don’t like about this image is the way the old mill is cut off on the left.  It was a massive structure.  This image only shows about 1/4 of the white stone part of the mill.  Oh, I wished I had a wide-angle lens.

Thought for the Day:  Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t make it useless.                                                      Thomas A. Edison  (1847 – 1931)

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