Super Heroes

Super Hero in Training … Pants

Super Heroes go way back.  I only remember Super Man, but today’s younger generation have several super heroes to worship and emulate … and, they all wear masks.  Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Falcon and Wolverine all wear masks.  Why?  What’s with the mask?

Super Heroes of my generation never wore masks.  For example: Superman could fly, stop a speeding bullet and had x-ray vision, yet with all these super powers, he never wore a mask.  A business suit, horned-rimmed glasses and a job as a newspaper reporter was enough to conceal his handsome face, bulging muscles and cape tucked into his underpants.

Even Mighty Mouse, the super hero of Saturday morning cartoons, didn’t wear a mask.  My generation was probably more naive than today’s; we didn’t need any special effects to keep our interest, just a lot of imagination.  Today’s kids have just as wild imaginations and have no problem pretending to be super heroes … as long as they have their mask.

Oh well, the kids are still learning right from wrong, developing the “north arrow” on their moral compass, and doing their part to “get the bad guys”.  I’m okay with that.  POW!

Thought for the Day:  Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.   Bernard Malamud

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