Mutant Apple

Mutant Apple
Mutant Apple

Where did this odd ball come from?  Picking apples at a commercial apple farm near Mondamin, Iowa has become an annual fall ritual for me and the fam.  Clean country air, several varieties to choose from, and lots of fun.

I found this half yellow, half red apple in a row of Chieftan apple trees; Chieftans are a red variety, all red, like all the other apples in the basket.  Several rows of Chieftan apple trees on either side of where I found this mutant, and rows beyond that were also red varieties, so how did this one apple get a yellow side to it?

It makes you wonder how the bees keep everything straight.  Really … think about it. Thousands of apple trees, several varieties and a gazillion blossoms to pollinate.  How do bees know where to deposit the pollen they carry so that Mother Nature’s plan is properly executed.  I suppose one radical extremist bee took pollen from a yellow apple tree, broke formation, went AWOL, and took it upon himself to pollinate this one blossom on the red apple tree … just to be different.

Thought for the Day:  In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.  Aristotle

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