Eli, Nebraska

Eli, Nebraska
Eli, Nebraska
Eli's General Store
Eli’s General Store

In the northern part of Cherry County lies Eli, NE on US 20.  The town is still shown on the state highway map, but no population is given.  This town is so small it doesn’t even rate a standard green sign for the highway that says “unincorporated”.  The town had to make its own sign.

But, Eli has a general store;

Eli's church
Eli’s church

it must be busy at times, it has a parking meter in front.  And, there is a fire plug to keep the local dogs happy.

Eli has its own very well-kept church.  The sign on its front said, “First Western Church.”  The church and the store, both were in good condition and looked in working order, but I saw nothing to call home.

Thought for the Day:  Home is the nicest word there is.     Laura Ingalls Wilder




One thought on “Eli, Nebraska

  1. I like your post, but as an historian who specializes in Laura Ingalls Wilder, I feel compelled to let you know that she never said that. The quote you listed is a line of dialogue in VoiceOver spoken by the actress Melissa Gilbert, who played a very young Laura, and is taken from an early episode of the Little House on the Prairie tv series. The line can be attributed to the writers of the script for that episode. Wilder herself never said it. It is frequently and erroneously cited as a Wilder quote…and often by sources which should know better, but the attribution to Wilder is incorrect.


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