Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse
Lunar eclipse

Sunday night, a week ago, I was out shooting the moon — no, not going for it all in a pitch game, but photographing the lunar eclipse.  It was a lunar eclipse of a super moon or blood moon, which has only happened four times in the last 100 years.  I thought I should try to record this one, just in case I’m not around for the next one.

The first shot at 7:19 PM was taken in a different location than the others.  It was still light out and I wanted something in the foreground.  So, the shot was taken at a different focal length than the others, and must have lost something when I tried to re-size it to match the other shots — it looks a little lopsided.

The moon was definitely red when it first appeared on the horizon, but it lost its color as it rose in the sky.  Then, as the eclipse started, it became more and more red.  Notice the full eclipse.  Then, as it came out of the eclipse, it returned to its “normal” color.  If I had a longer lens, the color and detail would probably show up better.   Christmas is just around the corner.

Thought for the Day:  Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.   Buddha

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