Pole Pole

Mt. Kilamanjaro
Mt. Kilamanjaro

The majestic loneliness of Mount Kilamanjaro casts its spell on you the moment you first see it.  Standing over 19,700′ tall, it is the tallest single peak (not in a mountain range) on the planet.  It’s a bashful mountain, hiding its true beauty behind cloud cover and hazy skies most of the time.  While spending almost two weeks on its slopes and foothills, this is the best picture I got … taken from a moving bus.

Climbing the mountain is not technically difficult; i.e. no special equipment is required, but it definitely takes your full commitment.  The journey takes five days.  If you rush it, try to do it faster, your chances of success diminish quickly.  Pole (pronounced “po’ lay”) in Swahili means “sorry”, but “pole pole”, as the porters say on Mt. Kilamanjaro, means “slooowly”.  Take it easy.

Many African stories, legends and myths include Mount Kilamanjaro.  It certainly captured my imagination.

Thought for the Day:  There are only three real sports: bull fighting, car racing and mountain climbing.  All the others are mere games.    Ernest Hemingway



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