While exploring the Taos, NM area, I came across a quaint little town called, Arroyo Seco.  Just two blocks long, the small town had plenty of little shops, art galleries, starving artists of all kinds, an ice cream shop and an organic fruit stand.

This colorful display of bandannas stuck out from the dark store front that was shaded by a roof of corrugate tin.  It reminded me of a street scene in Nazareth, Israel (click here), where colorful abayas hung for sale on the sidewalks.

This store was one-of-kind, selling used items (think Goodwill rejects), dime-store items, local artwork, auto parts and fine jewelry.  This kept the Mrs. busy long enough for me to find plenty of photo opportunities.

Thought for the Day:   One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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