El Capitan

El Capitan

One of the most popular rock climbing sites in North America is the 3,000′ shear rock face of El Capitan.  The granite monolith is an iconic figure of Yosemite NP of northern California.

At 7:00 AM this road is deserted, but will be bumper-to-bumper within two hours.  This road veers to the left at the base of El Capitan, where  10-12 cars are parked every night.  A sticker on their dashboard tells you climbers are still on El Capitan.

From Tunnel View at dusk you can see lanterns twinkling like stars on the face of El Capitan, while climbers settle into their sleeping bags suspended from the rock face.

Thought for the Day:  Do one thing everyday that scares you.                                                                      Eleanor Roosevelt

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