So What?

Foot Bridge

This is a “So What?!” shot; a fallen tree with a boring railroad bridge in the background.  Well, whoopee-to-do.  Not so fast, my friends.

From a distance, this looks like any other railroad bridge crossing the Platte River, known to be a mile wide and a foot deep.  At one time it was the Missouri Pacific Railroad’s bridge near South Bend, NE.  Long since abandoned, the rails have been removed and replaced by a wide concrete foot bridge in 2002.

Today, it is part of an extensive system of bike/hike trails called the MoPac Trail.  If you just want to walk across the bridge, it can be reached from a car park area along State Highway 33 approximately 1 mile east of Schramm Park.  A pleasant 1/2 mile walk from the car park will take you to the foot bridge.

Thought for the Day:  People do not decide to become extraordinary, they decide to accomplish extraordinary things.                                                        Sir Edmund Hilary

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