Darn It!

This will be a summer to remember; COVID-19 has turned everything upside down. Things we took for granted have been closed, cancelled or removed — even little league baseball.

Parks are closed, social distancing prevents players from practicing, and games aren’t scheduled to start until June 18th. Even if games are played a whole new “playbook” must be followed: 1) fan attendance is restricted to player’s household family, 2) fans are not allowed in the bleachers or behind the dugouts (bleachers will be used to spread out non-active players), 3) fans bring their own chairs, 4) no team snacks, 5) no post game hand shakes, 6) no sharing of equipment, 7) after each game the team must sanitize its dugout, and 8) no concession stands.

I’m sure going to miss taking pictures. Darn it!

Thought for the Day: You’re killin’ me, Smalls.
Famous line from “The Sandlot” movie

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