Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Uggh, Monday morning.  This scene reminded me of how I felt driving to work on Monday mornings: dark, foggy, disoriented and unsure of what lay ahead for me.  Even though I’m a morning person and work most efficiently during the first half of the day, driving to work  at oh-dark-thirty found my mind’s rolodex spinning like a top, trying to sort out what I had to do at work.

Now that I’m retired, I find myself still getting up a oh-dark-thirty and still dark, foggy, disoriented and unsure of what lay ahead.  BUT, my mind’s rolodex is now spinning like a top with things I want to do.   What a difference!

Have a nice week … be careful out there.

Thought for the Week:  Worried about rising gas prices?  Every time you stop for gas, limit yourself to ten dollars; that way you never notice the change in price.  🙂

One thought on “Monday Morning

  1. LWH:

    Monday Morning? How about re-naming the photo “Weekday Morning!”
    Or, send photos that relate to the remaining work days of the week: i.e., tornado Tuesdays, weird Wednesdays, thickheaded Thursdays and of course foggy Fridays.

    Seriously, as always, great photo and great story…keep up the good work!



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