Dog Heaven

Fergie (1996-2012)

Regardless of what religion you practice, how many Gods you worship, or even if you don’t believe in a Supreme Being, you’ve got to believe there is a place for dogs to go when they die.  Some call it the Rainbow Bridge, the place where dogs wait until their masters join them.  I call it Dog Heaven.

In a lot of ways, dogs are better than family, even better than best friends.  They love you in spite of all your faults.  They don’t care about your appearance, how you dress, how you comb your hair, your IQ, your politics, your religion, your handicaps, physical or otherwise, or how much money you have.  Words like “loyal”, “unconditional love”, and “faithful” were all invented to describe dogs’ endearing traits.  And it really hurts when you lose your dog.  There just has to be some reward for them in the afterlife.

I lost Fergie on July 2, 2012, just a few months shy of her 16th birthday.  She was a Westie (West Highland White Terrier), first cousin of the Scotty.  And what a companion she was, so full of life, overflowing with energy and happiness, and a never-ending supply of friendship and goodwill towards anyone she met.  She would always see me out the door and greet me when I returned, whether it was from a day at work, a two week vacation or just out to get the mail.  She shared a part of my life that included many of life’s landmark events: the weddings of all three of my kids, the birth of seven grandchildren, and all of the joyous family gatherings in between.

On Christmas morning Fergie would lay in the middle of the floor covered with torn wrapping paper with little kids running all over the place, just to be there with the fam.   Nobody paid any attention to her, but she was there, with us, sharing the time with us and being there for anyone needing a friend.  She was the only dog I’ve ever been able to train to play dead.  I’d point my finger at her, cock my thumb and say, “Bang!” and she would flop over and lie on her side like she was dead.   She would hold that position until I said “OK”,  even if little kids were running and screaming all around her she wouldn’t get up until she heard the command.  The kids loved that trick.

I really miss her.

Thought for the Day:  If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.   Will Rogers

7 thoughts on “Dog Heaven

  1. What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful dog. I miss fergie. Way to make me cry this morning. Rip fergie. I love you.


  2. I was sadden to read of your loss. Fergie was a wonderful dog and inspiration for me to get a Westie. I am sure she is waiting somewhere for you to come through the door again.


  3. What a wonderful, endearing tribute to your Fergie. She was one in a million, for sure. This must have been hard to write, yet healing for your inner grief.



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