Standin’ Aroun’

Standin' Aroun'
Standin’ Aroun’

How was work today, honey?   Have a busy day?  Tough day at the office?  Daddy, what do you do at work all day?  Typical questions asked of the working man when he gets home from work, questions not always easy to answer.

It’s not uncommon to see men standing around at a construction site, the subject of many jokes.  Typically, those “snapshots” of men standing around are merely a moment in time,  not the whole story, and rarely show the demands of physical labor.  While this scene shows men standing around at a construction site, I thought this snapshot was a bit unusual – the men standin’ aroun’ vertically, one above the other in perfect formation.

Again, this moment in time doesn’t tell the whole story.  What the men are actually doing is building another layer of scaffolding on the top of the existing seven layers.  By forming a “bucket brigade”, the men are lifting the scaffolding pieces, one-by-one, to the person above them — the same way castles and cathedrals were built in the middle ages.   Hmmm, where’s the crane?

Thought for the Day:  You can observe a lot by watching.   Yogi Berra

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