1950's teeter-totter
1950’s teeter-totter

You ever have flashbacks?  You see or hear something that rewinds your brain to a memory so vivid it feels like yesterday?  I “flashbacked” to second grade when I saw this old-school playground in Adair, Iowa.  Adair lies in the middle of the state along I-80; a small town with a once-bright, but now faded, happy face painted on its water tower.


Along with the teeter-totter was a trapese, and next to it was a fixed horizontal bar, all of which were exactly like the one at my grade school in the early 50’s.  Except for the chewed up bits of rubber tires on the ground instead of gravel and flexible straps instead of boards on the seat swings, everything was just like I remember it: big and sturdy, built from heavy steel pipe, anchored in concrete to withstand Midwest tornadoes.

I remember it so well because I had just learned to hang upside down from my knees on the horizontal bar, and was showing off for Lucinda, when I fell off and hit my elbow on one of those immovable steel pipes.  Pain, tingling and buzzing shot through my arm; I was sure it was broken.  THAT’s when I learned what a crazy bone was.

Thought for the Day:  Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  Helen Keller

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