Chinese Chews

Chinese Chews
Chinese Chews

Chinese Chews are back!  This is great news, my all-time favorite Christmas cookie is back on the menu.

My maternal grandmother introduced me to Chinese Chews when I was very young, and my Mom continued making this annual treat for many years to come.  As my Mom aged, others used her Christmas recipes, trying to duplicate her Chinese chews, along with her other once-a-year sweets.  Many people came close to her pecan rolls, Mexican Wedding Cakes, pfeffernusse, and peanut brittle, but nobody could match her Chinese chews.  They were either too hard, too dry, not enough dates, not enough nuts or just not gooey enough. It was a nice effort, but they were never as good as the ones my Mom made.

Then, out of nowhere, my daughter surprises me with a plate of Chinese Chews that were just like I remembered them.   Uh-uh-uhm.  I don’t know how she did it, but now, I forbid her to move, get a new oven or replace any of her utensils for as long as I live.  What a great surprise, the tradition continues.  Chinese Chews are back!

Thought for the Day:  My mother’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.    Buddy Hackett

2 thoughts on “Chinese Chews

  1. You are so right about Chinese chews—one of my favorites, too, and one cookie I have tried to make for many years, with infrequent success. One trick I found out the hard way is to purchase whole dates and chop them. I also found that doubling the recipe seemed to work better. What tricks has Kenda found to make them the way Mom did? I would be very interested.

    I did make wedding cakes, K bars, pfeffernusse, along with others to put on Grandma’s two-tier plate. Two other special things happened to add to the memories: Erin and Dylan came over Saturday night and she brought homemade sauerkraut (wonderful!) and shortbread cookies with sprinkles made with mom’s tubed cookie press. I put them on the tier and the sight brought back nostalgic memories. The second surprise was opening a gift of peanut brittle from Gerald and Harriet. This was also a staple of Mom’s Christmas treats. So much love and effort was given to make such special memories for us.



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