Sweet 16

Sweet Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen

My oldest grandchild just turned 16, my youngest just turned 2 … and they’re sisters.   One makes me feel old and one makes me wish I had more grandkids on the way.

Sixteen is definitely a milestone: getting your driving license, more responsibility leading to more freedom, and, of course, the opposite sex.  I keep telling my son that he needs to get his shotgun ready, the wolves are at the door.

16 and 2
16 and 2

The Thought for the Day is a verse from a song written by Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry and made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis:

    Sweet Little Sixteen             She’s got the grown-up                         blues                       Tight dresses and lipstic   She’s sportin’ high-heel                       shoes                           But tomorrow morning She’ll have to change                           her trend                     And be sweet sixteen            And back in class again

“Sweet Little Sixteen”        by Chuck Berry




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