Sunken Garden

Butchart Gardens – Victoria, BC

Robert Buchart, pioneer in the growing cement industry, opened a limestone quarry in 1904.  As the limestone deposits depleted, Robert’s wife, Jennie, hauled in tons of topsoil from their nearby farm to plant flowers.  She was determined to turn the giant eyesore into something of beauty.

Exotic plants from all over the world were imported.  The exhausted limestone quarry blossomed into the Sunken Garden.  By the 1920’s over 50,000 people visited the garden annually.  Today, other attractions at Butchart Gardens include the Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Italian Garden and Children’s Pavilion.

In 2004 it was named a National Historic Site of Canada.   Quite a sight!

Thought for the Day: Where flowers bloom so does hope.               Lady Bird Johnson

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