Choo is the Swahili word for “toilet”, one of the first words learned by Western visitors.

This photo was taken at a Mosaic primary school near Moshi, Tanzania. It is a woman’s toilet, possibly named “Lucy”. The second line on the sign translates to “Take Care of the Toilet”, and the third line, “Protect Your Health”.

Inside (I peeked) were holes in the floor with raised areas for proper placement of your feet. The water jug on a shelf inside the door indicated that running water was “iffy”.

Thought for the Day: Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason.
Jerry Seinfeld

One thought on “Choo

  1. Spelling, maybe? In the UK, they might point to it and say, “Loo, see?” Tunza Choo, sounds like a warning of what not to step in.



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