Crossing railroad tracks is always dangerous. The endless stream of black coal cars, red cattle cars and bland box cars was mind-numbing … Boring! So boring, passenger-car drivers would day-dream or even doze off waiting for the caboose to pass. The last car of a train is always the caboose. Always!

This is my “caboose” post — the last post of “Larry’s Blog”, which started in 2008. After 1,245 posts I hate to think about how many people dozed off waiting for this caboose.

Thought for the Day: Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
Oscar Wilde

Bonus: Goodbye, Vietnam! That’s right, I’m history, I’m outta here, I got the lucky ticket home, baby.
Good Morning Vietnam


4 thoughts on “Caboose

  1. Hi Larry,
    This is a sad day. Your thoughts for the day were so insightful when coupled with your wonderful photography. What a magical combination. I will miss getting a glimpse of your fertile, humorous, creative mind, but love you for sharing so many marvelous, witty moments.

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  2. It has been a fun ride for us and we will miss your excellent pictures, comments, and quotes. Thanks for all 1,245 of them. H and GP.S. We never dosed off!

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