Back to the Future

Brand New Old Photo


I love to look at old photos, especially those taken close to a hundred years ago.  The young lad in this photo was born in 2009, so it hardly counts as an “old photo”, but the clothes reminded me of photos I’ve seen of European immigrants fresh off the boat, so I had to attempt to make the photo look like the scene I pictured in my head.

It took several “layers” of various filters, blending modes, opacities, and textures  in Photoshop to get this look … I wish I would have recorded my steps to make it easier the next time.

In case you were wondering, no, you can’t find clothes like these anymore, and no, he hasn’t been teased by his friends that his mother dresses him funny.  The lad’s mother, my creative daughter, made the hat, vest, shorts and bow tie for him to wear as ring bearer in his uncle’s wedding.  To see the complete outfit in full color go to my daughter’s blog, Kenda’s Crafts.

Thought for the Day82.7% of all statistics were made up on the spot.  Steven Wright

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