Winter Home

Henry Ford's Winter Home
Henry Ford’s Winter Home

This cozy little winter home of Henry Ford is in Fort Meyers, Florida, right next door to his good friend, Thomas Edison — the homes are identical.  It is not a mansion by any stretch, definitely not memorable, but I needed something to remind me where these fascinating tree roots were found.

The roots belong to a 60-70′ tall fig tree, one of several varieties on the property.  The Ford property is very large with an arboretum-like feel to it.  Many exotic plants can be found here, like rubber trees;  Edison was experimenting with domestically grown rubber trees that might replace the expensive imports of latex used for car tires.

The weather in Fort Meyers was gorgeous in late January.  I might have to return if Spring doesn’t arrive in Nebraska real soon.

Thought for the Day:  Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.        Doug Larson

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