Happy Birthday!

Fireworks Stand July 4, 2022 -- the 246th birthday of the United States of America! Notwithstanding the worthless, no-display big-boom fireworks that prevail today, Independence Day is my all-time favorite holiday. Thought for the Day: The U. S. Constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself.Benjamin … Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Birthday Boy

11 years old There are two things that this handsome lad absolutely loves: playing baseball and following the Huskers. Playing baseball at the highest level for his age group, he maintains a great attitude for the game. Win or lose, he gives his best effort and leaves the field with a smile on his face … Continue reading Birthday Boy

Big Ten

Normally, this time of year, when I hear the term "Big 10", I think of March Madness college basketball, and the Big 10 Conference. But this is my grandson's 10th birthday. He's the sixth grandchild to reach "double figures" -- another basketball term. He's not a basketball fan, and that's okay, either am I except … Continue reading Big Ten

Fifth Birthday

My granddaughter is five years old today.  In this picture, she is wearing a knit outfit that her great grandmother made for Ava's grandmother.  All of our granddaughters have had their pictures taken in this or other outfits made by their great grandmother. I thought her expression fit a much older age of photography when … Continue reading Fifth Birthday

Where’s Waldo

                Where's Waldo?  Where's Waldo when you need him?  Get Waldo in here to count the candles on the five year old's birthday cake.  Oh well, the birthday boy didn't notice. Nothing beats a pinata for a five year olds' birthday party.  I made this picture look like … Continue reading Where’s Waldo

Birthday Boys

Last weekend was spent celebrating March birthdays, my wife's and the two youngest grandsons.  All three birthdays fall in a two-week span. On the way to the fun-plex for the party, we stopped at the local farm & ranch supply store to see the Easter chicks and ducklings. Both the chick and the duckling survived. … Continue reading Birthday Boys

Birthday Girl

She knows the drill: blow out the candles, lick the frosting off the cake, bounce off the walls with a sugar high, then open fancy-wrapped packages of socks from grandma. Repeat if necessary. This little party was two weeks early, as we will be out of town for her real birthday in early February. Thought for … Continue reading Birthday Girl

Party Games

Pie Face is a delicious party game:  You place a gob of whipped cream on the spring-loaded purple hand, spin the dial for a number from 1 to 5, place your face in the window, and push the yellow button as many times as the spinner indicated.  If your number comes up while pushing the button, … Continue reading Party Games

Summer Birthday

Last weekend, my grandson celebrated his 7th birthday down at the lake with four of his buddies.  It was over 90 degrees so the swimming was great. The rope swing was their favorite activity by far.  One after the other, launching themselves into space hoping for a wet landing, seeing who could get out the farthest … Continue reading Summer Birthday


This picture was taken 62 years ago today.  Yeh, its me, you do the math.  Quite a little butterball back then, "chubby" as my Mom likes to say.  I must have put the candles on the cake myself.  Looks like I had a stylish amount of axle grease on my hair ( "Brylcreme -- a … Continue reading Butterball

Birthday Cake

Did someone say cake?  Even if its not your birthday, even if its your Mom's birthday, you still get cake. Thought for the Day:  Let them eat cake!                                                       … Continue reading Birthday Cake


Who are these guys?   I wonder who they belong to anyway.  It certainly can't be any of my relation.  Geez, who would let their kids get haircuts like that ... and during the school year no less. This weekend, I had the good fortune of attending my uncle's 90th birthday celebration.  What a great get-together; … Continue reading Relatives?

Joshua’s Second Birthday

Joshua turned two on August 9, 2010; most of us call him Josh or Joshy -- well, the women call him Joshy.   We celebrated his birthday down at the lake, where most of us, most of the time, are in swim wear or extreme leisure wear.  Especially Josh, who never wears shoes and rarely wears a … Continue reading Joshua’s Second Birthday

Oliver’s First Birthday

Oliver turned one on March 23, 2010.   Hundreds of photos were taken of Oliver (known as Ollie to those who don't want to sound too formal) during his birthday party, but I thought this one was the best.  The cowboy hat wasn't a present, it wasn't new to him, he was just being himself.  He … Continue reading Oliver’s First Birthday

Alene’s 90th Birthday

My mother, Alene, turned 90 on February 18, 2010, and there was a big party for her. Alene was very excited to see everyone at her birthday party, even though many had to cancel because of blizzard conditions.  Her brothers from Colorado and western Nebraska were ones that couldn't attend due to the road conditions.  … Continue reading Alene’s 90th Birthday